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Back to school! Bright Sparks re-opens

After nearly a year in lockdown, Bright Sparks is open again for all year groups. Everyone is pleased! It has been such a challenging time for our students, who have so little in terms of facilities or space for doing schoolwork at home. Many have relied on just one mobile phone within their extended family to get access to teacher support.

Now, everyone is back at school, wearing masks and social distancing. Every space is being used, including the outdoor spaces around the school building. (The area in the photo is a community space, adjacent to the school which the students help tend by planting, watering and weeding.)

While it’s heads down and back to learning in India, here in the UK we are seeking different ways to raise the funds needed to pay the bills.

We’ve updated our website and will be trying some fun things online in the coming months. See our Campaigns page, sign up to our mailing list and contact us with your ideas.