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How it began

Two women – one from India and one from the UK – began the school almost by accident. About 20 years ago, Nimrat Kaur and Gail Edwards began to fund a couple of children so they could attend the local school.

Soon they realised that by employing a teacher, they could give a basic education to a larger group. The group gradually grew into five primary classes, with seven or eight staff and about one hundred kids.

Some of the earliest students at Bright Sparks are now leaving secondary school, and even going on to college. They come by regularly to help out. The original teacher was Rita Mohan, now the Head.

Nimrat Kaur
Gail Edwards

Today there is strong support from local people. Bright Sparks is well respected by neighbours, community organisations and councillors.  Local ‘Friends of Bright Sparks’ donate school uniforms, furniture and books. They mentor students moving to and onwards from secondary school.

Bright Sparks became a UK registered charity in 2008.
Nimrat and Gail are still very much involved.