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Class Of 2022

Each year Bright Sparks inducts a new entry year class of 25-30 children from a shanty town close to the school – through a process which typically begins by persuading… Read More »Class Of 2022

Event: FaceYoga fundraiser 2022

Join our fabulous FaceYoga webinar on Thursday, 3 March, 19h30 (7.30pm). Minimum donation £7.50

Trip, trip, trip… to Pinjore

Class 5 have just been on a special trip to Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore – about 15 miles from Bright Sparks School.

The Joy of Education

It’s with great happiness  to confirm that the school remains open and we have welcomed 41 new students into year 1.  The teachers are thrilled that normality has been restored… Read More »The Joy of Education

A visit to Shimla

One of the joys of being a trustee for Bright Sparks is getting to know India more. As India celebrates Independence Day this month, I recall a weekend trip to Shimla, once the ‘summer capital’ of India. After a… Read More »A visit to Shimla


Having recently completed the UK Census, we put a few questions to 70 Bright Sparks students who have been at the school for more than a year.