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CAMPAIGN: Seeking seven sponsors for seven teachers

Right now, UK schools are under the most tremendous pressure due to the pandemic. So we recognise it is not a great moment to ask for help for our small school, thousands of miles away. However, Bright Sparks is having to think imaginatively about how to raise funds. 

Our UK charity normally raises most of its funds through social and challenge events. And those efforts are hampered – by Covid. If life is miserable in the UK, it is even harder in the community Bright Sparks serves. That’s why we are seeking seven sponsors or (groups of sponsors), to fund the teachers who are the back-bone of our school.

Our teaching team does not just deliver the curriculum, their responsibilities go far beyond the classroom. At the best of times, they work in a very tough community, to nurture and empower the children and their families. During the lockdown their interventions have been key. Now, as the school starts to reopen, we urgently need the funds to ensure they can carry on their amazing work with these most disadvantaged of India’s children.

We are seeking sponsorship of £150, £70 or £40 a month, initially for a year. These amounts are not tied to specific salaries, but broadly match the different grades. You can opt out at any time. If you can help by sponsoring a teacher, please contact us now. We will send you more details and answer any questions.

Just as importantly, please help Bright Sparks by sharing this campaign with someone you know who just might be able to sponsor or donate. Share by FB, whatsapp, Twitter, email – NOW.  And please sign up to our mailing list for future updates. Thank you.

Tim Burley, Secretary for Bright Sparks