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Class 10 Reflections

From left to right: All ex students of Bright Sparks, Khushi, Suman, Raj-Kumari and Sikander & Kate Foster with back to camera

During my visit earlier this year I asked some of the ex Bright Sparks children who now attend the government school about their time as Bright Sparks students . They all had very happy grins as they reflected on their memories.

Bright Sparks was a place where friendships were formed, functions were held and the foundations of education were built.

Kushi (aged 17 .and in year 10) told me that during her time at Bright Sparks she received rewards for good work; such as a sweet or sticker. She felt recognised for her dedication to her studies and encouraged to continue with a motivation for learning.

Now, as she graduates from Class 10 with Mohali Public School , she reflects on the absence of such rewards and acknowledgement of success. Typically, this is the case for most secondary schools and the change from lower to middle education.

However, it occurred to me that it was important for her to feel recognised for her work and that she felt this recognition at Bright Sparks. It also explains why she has returned for academic support to Bright Sparks during holidays and after school over the years. All the students feel welcome and supported at Bright Sparks and visit often, knowing that support is always there for them.

This is very significant for these students because further support in education is not easily accessible. When the students return home they help their families with jobs and less time is available to study. Hence, Bright Sparks students are supported beyond their time as students within the school. They are continuously offered support as they build their futures.

Written by our visitor Kate Foster