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Class Of 2022

Each year Bright Sparks inducts a new entry year class of 25-30 children from a shanty town close to the school – through a process which typically begins by persuading illiterate parents of the value of educating their children. Some of the pupils starting at the school are older than the usual entry age because the school offers flexibility to those that have been denied a normal start to education. In a more positive note siblings are given preference for places and once a child has begun at the school it is likely their younger brothers and sisters will join too. The joy, excitement and nerves on day 1 in school come across very clearly in the new intake 2022 group photo ????

The induction process is led by Headteacher Rita Mohan. On the most recent process Rita told us a about a mother she met in the shanty town who works as a labourer, with her 8 year old daughter. Rita described the girl as keen and active. The mother told Rita that tragically her husband committed suicide four years back and explained the hardships of raising her children as a single parent mother. Rita managed to convince the mother that her two daughters Meenakshi and Lakshmi will have a brighter future if she allows them to attend Bright Sparks School and learn to read and write. Both daughters have now joined us this 4th April 2022 on the first day of school for the new intake.

Thanks to all our supporters who enable us to keep offering Bright first days and futures.