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Giving in a time of crisis

Hello Dear Supporters 

As we dig down holding off from turning the heating on, or wondering if our gas bill might eclipse our mortgage or vice versa – some folks may be thinking about reviewing their standing orders and giving commitments.

In India, like in the Uk, inflation is running at above 8% which must make it difficult when your managing a tight monthly budget. Our teachers salaries range from £90 – £220 pcm – around 1 / 25th of their UK counterparts.

For our teachers we have just approved a 10% salary uplift and also a one-off cost of living payment to help with urgent expenses. 

We are only able to do this thanks to the continued support of our donors who currently have held steadfast despite the economic headwinds turning against is.

And for this we are truly grateful. 

It is noteworthy that it was British donors who founded Save the Children in the aftermath of the first world war to feed starving children in Germany, and Oxfam in the aftermath of the second world war to feed starving children in Greece.  

Although times might be hard right now, it as always harder for someone else somewhere else, and it can help to focus the mind on what we do have, when we spare something for those facing greater challenges than ourselves. 

Bright Sparks Trustees wish you warm and well this Autumn, if you need to reflect on your giving we will understand, if you can continue to support, or even consider a small increase, we will be hugely grateful.

One way or another we’re all in this together and will help each other through with love and kindness.

Very best wishes,
Bright Sparks Trustees