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How you can help

Bright Sparks School relies on your donations and support. We have several ways you can help – some at no cost to you. You can make a real difference. Scroll down to see…

Quick donate with Justgiving

Your generosity makes our work possible. Every single donation counts.

Easy Fundraising

At no cost to you, you can raise funds for Bright Sparks when you shop online using the Easyfundraising site or app.


It costs just £15 a month to cover the cost of one child’s place at Bright Sparks (or £12 plus Gift Aid). This is an amazing gift to the school. Sponsors who commit to sponsoring a child for a period are not linked to individual children. Instead, your sponsorship is used to benefit the whole school. 

Each year, you can see one or two children’s stories featured on our blog along with other updates about the school. To set up your sponsorship, go to Justgiving and select the option to make a regular donation. You can cancel at any time. Please give permission on the Justgiving site to receive updates so we can get back to you. Then join our mailing list to get updates about the school.

Every regular donation, whether its £5 or £50 a month, makes a huge difference. It helps keep essential funds flowing to the school. It buys pens, exercise books, salaries and broadband. It basically keeps the whole place running.

Go to Justgiving and select monthly to set up your regular donation. You can cancel at any time.  Please give permission to receive updates so we can get back to you. Then join our mailing list to receive updates about the school.

Help us by fundraising in your own personal way. In the past, people have walked long distances, shaved their head (!) or sold home-made goodies like sloe gin or chilli jam. Mmm.

You can either collect funds (eg, selling something) and add the money to our Justgiving page. Or you can set up a separate Justgiving page, by selecting FUNDRAISE FOR US then link it to your own sponsorship or event. If you’d like help with this, please contact us.

We’d love to know about your fundraising so please PLEASE email us and tell us what you are doing. Join our mailing list to get updates about the school.

Opportunities to sponsor a named student, arise from time to time.  Currently, these are most likely to be ex-Bright Sparks students who have left secondary school and need support with tutoring or course fees for tertiary education. Mostly, sponsors can be in direct communication with their student at this stage.

If you are interested in supporting a young person in their university or college years, please contact us.

Join our mailing list here so you know about our latest campaign. There may be an urgent appeal or a search for sponsors, or something else entirely. Help Bright Sparks by donating, or by sharing the link with other people who might be interested. Use email, FB, twitter or even word of mouth!

If you’d like to be more involved or have a suggestion to make, please do contact us.

Bright Sparks School in India welcomes volunteers with skills to share. In recent years, volunteers from the UK and elsewhere have helped by:

  • ~ running in-service development courses with staff
  • ~ holding yoga sessions for the whole school
  • ~ supporting students’ maths and English skills
  • ~ collecting information and images for Bright Sparks UK

If you are interested in volunteering with Bright Sparks in India, please contact us. Your trip would be largely self-funded.

Maybe you know someone who is interested in education, in India, in simply helping a practical project in another part of the world? Or maybe someone who could be an ambassador for good?

You can be an enormous help to Bright Sparks just by sharing our story.  Tell your friend, your colleagues. Sign up to our blog. Follow, like and share our posts on Instagram and Facebook. Amazing connections happen! By taking a few minutes regularly to like and share, you can help make a difference.


When you shop online, you can fundraise for Bright Sparks at no cost to you by using the Easyfundraising site or app. Bright Sparks gets a small donation from participating retailers when you shop. Click here.

To make things easy, download the donation reminder browser extention to donate while shopping online.

The Funding Network is a group of philanthropists who work together to support a range of charities, at a May 2023 event £16,800 was raised for Bright Sparks School India and we are hugely grateful for their support.


Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

And lastly, A HUGE THANK YOU

To all of you who have helped and will help Bright Sparks School and its families. And, special thanks to Simon Main for kindly managing our accounts, and Lewis Wynne-Jones for his brilliant support in setting up this website.