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Our UK charity

Taking practical steps towards a fairer world…

Our Aim

In the UK, we fundraise to support Bright Sparks school, the children and their families. We offer other help too.

Bright Sparks provides an education and the opportunities it can bring to over 100 disadvantaged children at any one time. Through fundraising, advice, training, sponsorship and practical responses to needs, our charity ensures the school and its community keep on progressing. 

Our aim is to eradicate illiteracy and inequality in this Mohali neighbourhood. In particular, the school seeks out the children most likely to miss out on education: ‘working children’, girls, children from minority groups or with special educational needs. Bright Sparks reaches out and draws them into a safe environment where they can learn and thrive. 

Bright Sparks School encourages its children to be aware of social injustice and to campaign for change. We in the UK give our time freely to ensure this small school continues to do its amazing work.

Uk Trustees

We are an ever-changing group of about ten volunteers. Some of us are young professionals. Some are working and raising families, some are busily retired. Our major task is to fundraise to keep the school running. Each year we aim to raise £25,000 – which covers salaries, rent and services, just!

There is no UK office and our admin costs are minimal. People often like the fact that almost every penny raised is spent in India on the school and its children. Every so often, one of the trustees visits Mohali to spend time with staff and students, and give feedback to the UK. Such visits are largely self-funded.25

Could you be our next trustee?

Here’s what we do. We fundraise in all kinds of ways from running marathons to hosting parties, and involving our fun-loving friends.

We seek donations and grants from other charitable organisations.

We organise sponsors for Bright Sparks students moving into secondary or tertiary education.

We increase the network of people who know about and support Bright Sparks

We respond to the school’s needs, such as:

  • raising emergency funds for families during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • setting up a school library
  • running in-service training to support English teaching
  • renovating the computer room
  • sharing UK teaching approaches such as using phonics

If you are interested in becoming a trustee and contributing your skills, please
contact us for a chat.

Trustees arranged for Maggie Flannagan, a retired UK primary teacher, to stay at Bright Sparks for a month.
She worked with all the staff and students, and shared a wealth of ideas.

UK Trustees