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A Garden Tour

During our first week at Bright Sparks School we were warmly greeted by Mrs. Tiwari. Mrs. Tiwari is the mother of the landlord who owns the building in which Bright Sparks runs (on the ground floor) and Mrs. Tiwari lives (upstairs). She told us that she built her home over forty years ago, which was the first building in the area with fields surrounding her. This is quite hard to imagine as today it sits at the end of a very long road of houses and beside a busy dual carriageway.

Nonetheless, outside the building Mrs. Tiwari is growing a variety of fruit and vegetables and with
headteacher Rita ma’am she proudly gave us a tour.

From mangoes, gooseberries and aubergine to cabbage, coriander and carrots Mrs. Tiwari has a vibrant garden with a healthy supply of fresh food. As we walked around the garden several vegetables were picked and very kindly given to us.

As a thank you for this kind gift, Jack decided to make a curry using all the vegetables from the garden. He called it ‘garden curry’ and it was delicious!

Mrs. Tiwari is a kind, generous woman and we were very pleased to see her. One can only imagine what it must be like to live above a primary school! However, we know she enjoys seeing the children every day and offers mangoes to them from her abundant supply.

We are grateful to Mrs. Tiwari for her kindness and appreciation of education for the students at Bright
Sparks School.