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About Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks school is in Mohali, close to Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana. The shanty town where all the children live is on the banks of a polluted river. Their parents travelled here from the outlying villages in search of work.  Most find work as labourers, fruit sellers or cleaners.

Bright Sparks is a small primary school in Mohali, north India. It gives a free education to 100+ children from a shanty town who would otherwise miss out completely on school. Many move on to access mainstream education, and all get to experience a safe environment in which to have a childhood, learn and thrive. 

The shanty town where the children live is on the banks of a polluted river.  Most are ‘working children’ whose parents are migrant workers: labourers, fruit seller or cleaners. Bright Sparks helps to break this cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

The school is in a quiet residential area, a mile away. It is in rented rooms on the ground floor of an apartment block. It’s a small space, so every room gets reorganised for a different use several times in a day. There are five primary classes with five teachers. The main school day runs from 8.30am to 2pm. 

This video gives a glimpse into the school on an ordinary day. Enjoy…

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When the younger kids leave, an afternoon ‘homework club’  provides computer skills and academic support for the older students and importantly, for ex-students who are at secondary school.

The school also acts as a hub to support the community.  There are adult literacy/numeracy classes and children’s health clinics. Skills workshops are organised to help young people into paid work, in embroidery, sewing and carpentry.

These pictures show the students at home and at school. Click on one to scroll through..