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From field to fashion – a student’s story

We love to follow what happens to students after they leave Bright Sparks and in the case of  Sukanti it has proved very easy as she has stayed in constant contact with the school.

Sukanti’s family came to Mohali back in 2009 from a small rural village in Uttar Pradesh. She was one of five children and her family was really struggling. Back then none of the kids had had any education. Once in the city, their father found work as a labourer and their mother started to do domestic work. Sukanti and her older brother were finally enrolled in Bright Sparks School, aged about 9 and 10 years.

Sukanti worked hard and soon showed a tremendous flair for art. She passed her Year 5 exams after just three years, and was then funded by Bright Sparks to attend an NGO secondary school where she got excellent grades. By this time, Sukanti had developed a passion for fashion. She chose to continue her secondary studies at a sixth form college, working and selling her designs to fund her books and exam fees. There were delays due to Covid, and while waiting for her results to come through Sukanti completed another course in sewing technology.

Now, she has just been accepted to study Fashion Design at the local college. A local supporter of Bright Sparks has come forward to help with her fees. At last, Sukanti is following her dream. And we are following her, admiring the artwork and dress designs she has produced over the years and wishing her all the success in the world.