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Hail and Hot Chocolate

Arriving in Mohali at the end of January meant we were in for cold weather. Although we had prepared for this by bringing our thermals we weren’t quite prepared for a torrential downpour and hail.

During our first week at Bright Sparks we were taken by surprise by a sudden grumbling storm. We were thrown into darkness from a power cut and listened to the hammering of large hail stones falling outside. Power cuts are common at Bright Sparks. Luckily, there are battery powered lights which can be used, however the classrooms are still quite dark.

Of course, hail and a power cut are no deterrent for the teachers and students. A favourite scene is
Rajni teaching Kindergarten students a song in English.

Marion also proposed giving all the students a cup of hot chocolate (most likely their first). It was the perfect opportunity to give a small treat in the colder months and of course to the teachers too – needless to say, it went down very well!